About Us

The Good Charities Guide was established in 2017 by Nic Bolto and Jessica Bowman to address the ever pressing need to improve trust and confidence in Australia's charitable and non-for-profit sector. They are supported by leading experts in social impact and philanthropy both in Australia and around the world. The guide will be launched on May 23, 2018.

The Good Charities Guide is an activity of Chapter Seven Ltd, a registered charity with DGR 1 status, and builds on the successful proof of concept, The Difference magazine. 


The team

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Nic Bolto, CEO and Editor

Nic Bolto, editor of The Good Charities Guide and former editor of The Difference, has 20 years of experience working in leadership positions across the charitable and corporate sectors. As a social entrepreneur, Nic has created value for government, not for profit, philanthropic and corporate clients including NSW Treasury, The Department of Social Services, Bupa, APM, The Salvation Army and Philanthropy Australia. Nic is a Churchill Fellow, graduate of the Melbourne Business School and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD).

Nic thrives on bringing new donors into philanthropy by communicating the ambition and pursuits of causes that deserve support. He knows too much about the dark side of the charitable sector to do this without consideration: as a consultant, he’s been called on to perform too many fix ups for charities in distress. By creating greater trust and transparency for donors through publishing The Good Charities Guide, he knows that giving will grow and charity good practice will grow along with it.


Jessica Bowman, COO

Jessica Bowman is the COO of The Good Charities Guide and cofounder of The Good Cause Co. She is an experienced analyst with over 10 years experience evaluating and designing high-impact social and environmental programs. Jessica has advised on the economic, social, environmental, and financial impacts of over $1 billion of infrastructure projects spanning across transport, energy and water sectors in developing countries. She also has a particular interest in environmental economics and was heavily involved developing the United Nations Statistics Division's ecosystem accounting standards. Jessica is a Director of the Social Impact Measurement Network of Australia (SIMNA), hold a Masters in Environmental Science and a Bachelors of Finance and Economics and has professional qualifications in financial analysis, project management, network analysis and programming.

Jessica had the misfortune of learning first hand how good intentions don't always lead to good outcomes. As a 19 year old, she was the beneficiary of a surprise inheritance. Seeking to do the world some good, she picked out a charity and started sending funds their way, expecting that her passion for child protection would be equalled by the charity. Less than a year later the charity closed down due to mismanagement and allegations of corruption. Jessica has co-founded The Good Charities Guide so donors can enjoy complete confidence in their choices and have genuine fulfilment in their giving experience. 


Expert panel

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Robyn Mildon, founding Executive Director of the Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI)

Robyn Mildon PhD, is the founding Executive Director of the Centre for Evidence and Implementation (CEI). Robyn has a longstanding career focused on the implementation, mainstreaming, and scaling-up of evidence to achieve social impact for children, families and communities in a range of health and human service areas. She has lead a number of national, multi-year initiatives aimed at improving the selection, and use of, evidence to in real-world service and policy settings. In addition to her Australian-based work, Robyn has built a portfolio of projects collaborating with both government and non-government agencies in countries such as Singapore, Norway, Sweden, the USA and New Zealand, and has been an invited speaker at multiple events around the globe. Robyn was the founding Chair of the Scientific Program Committee for the 1st and 2nd Australian Implementation Conference (AIC) and is currently the Co-Chair for the 3rd Biennial Australasian Implementation Conference. She is also the founding Co-Chair of the Knowledge Translation & Implementation Group with the Campbell Collaboration. Robyn holds an Honorary Associate Professor position with the University of Melbourne.

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Elijah Goldberg, CEO and co-founder, ImpactMatters

Elijah is co-founder of ImpactMatters, an organization that conducts impact audits, which, using professionally rigorous standards, estimate a nonprofit’s impact and cost. Impact audits steer grants to where they can do the most mission-driven good and help nonprofits identify exactly what they need to do to magnify their impact. Elijah previously led Walimu, a Ugandan nonprofit working to improve quality of hospital care for severely ill.

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Poppy Wise, Director of Economic and Social Advisory at Urbis

Poppy is a specialist in public policy research and evaluation. She’s worked in research and evaluation for 15 years in the private and not-for-profit sectors, most recently advising on policy and programs in mental health, disability, domestic violence and community resilience and safety. Poppy’s strong personal commitment to all facets of social and environmental sustainability means she has worked across a range of policy areas throughout her career. She has become an expert in the design and implementation of policy research and evaluations – especially for large-scale, complex studies. Among recent highlights, Poppy lists her time leading a three-year evaluation of the $500 million Commonwealth mental health program, Partners in Recovery; developing the framework to assist Women NSW evaluate the success of their behaviour-change programs for domestic violence perpetrators; and her current work with the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage to improve energy equity for vulnerable households.


Kristy McKellar, Family Violence and Social Change Consultant at KM Consulting Services

Kristy McKellar has an academic background ingrained in social science and social work, including a major in psychology and minor in sociology, and a wealth of experience in the sector. For the last five years she has developed a successful consultancy service that is well respected across the nation, her practice centred around family violence, equality, respect and social change. Kristy is renowned in the family violence sector, both in Victoria and nationally, her work attracting overseas interest. Kristy was named in the top 100 Women of Influence in the country, named as the Agenda Setter of the Year for Australia and has been inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.  Kristy is on the Board of Governance of Women’s Health East and holds many respected Ambassador titles. Across two decades she has been dedicated to improving the lives of others, uniquely positioned, drawing on her academic background and her lived experience. Kristy has successfully challenged the nation to take a stand on family violence, connecting the issue from the head to the heart.  Kristy is a courageous survivor, inspiring advocate and consultant who is championing reform, prevention, social change and gender equality.